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Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Refinishing

Watch videos below to learn more about Refinishing Aluminum Siding

Are you looking to update the look of your Aluminum Sided or Vinyl Sided home? Is your siding beginning to become “Chalky” and faded? Does the finish rub-off on your clothes every time you brush by your house? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, than Neubert Painting is the company to call. Refinishing your Aluminum Siding or Vinyl siding will save you thousands over the cost of replacing it and properly done, your paint job will last 10-20 years.

We pressure wash and HAND-SCRUB every aluminum sided and vinyl sided home to ensure proper adhesion. Most companies skip hand-scrubbing the siding, and the old chalky residue is not removed properly. This will result in a peeling disaster that can only be fixed by residing your house. CAUTION: You only get one chance to do it right… We stand behind our work. We’ve refinished over 3,500 homes and have never experienced a paint failure!

You paint job will also include caulk repair, free color sampling, careful tarp and masking procedures to prevent overspray, and application of TWO (2) COMPLETE COATS of premium Sherwin-Williams paint. Vinyl safe Super Paint will be used on vinyl sided homes. (Many companies only apply 1 coat).

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